Introduction to Cloudbanc

The Cloudbanc app is your means for accessing the Cloudbanc platform, which you can use for making payments and interacting with other users and companies.

You use Cloudbanc by receiving requests from merchants or other users and then acting on those requests. It may take the form of a payment request: the app informs you that a merchant wants to receive an amount, you can then confirm the request to complete payment.

You can receive requests in a variety of ways:

  • You type in the Cloudbanc code that you see in an e-mail message, on a website, or in social or printed media,
  • You can scan the QR code printed with the Cloudbanc code,
  • An app can open your Cloudbanc app and display a request,

    You tap your NFC-enabled phone against a Cloudbanc NFC device, or

  • A merchant can send a request directly to your app, if allowed.

You are always in control and can ignore or decline requests as you see fit.

You can send and receive money with the Transfer Money menu option.

Check the FAQ and How to articles for more information.

The example above shows a Cloudbanc code with its QR code representation. You can type the code or scan the code with the app.